Still drinking Coca-Cola ?


This article appeared on 12 June 2008 in our local newspaper (Berwick News):

A 29 year old mother of three children drank up to 36 (thirtysix ! – no error…) litres of Coca-Cola per day for 6 years. Doctors had told her to stop drinking the substance or she would die.

She has since lost two layers of her stomach lining, was diagnosed with several gastric ulcers, had 11 gallstones removed by key hole surgery and also lost the majority of her teeth. Any teeth that didn't fall out have now turned black.

Read the full story here or download a newspaper clipping (in PDF format).

If you are still drinking Coca-Cola then think again. Even smaller amounts will do you harm – it just takes a bit longer……

I bought my last can of Coca-Cola in August 2005 when I picked up a new (second hand) car from the dealers and noticed a layer of dirt on my windscreen (a mix of grease, rubber and other substances). The Coca-Cola removed the lot in one foul sweep, I just had to flush off the sugar residue with plenty of water and voila: a clean screen!

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