Cancer and the Environment


As we have seen earlier, our toxic load has dramatically and steadily increased over the last 100 years.

Within the same time frame the quality of our foods has been on the decline. These days most so called “foods” are highly processed and are available in packet form incorporating a myriad of preservatives and additives, let alone the use of genetically modified (GM) “foods” rendering them virtually useless.

This combination of external toxins (= “exotoxins”, which are toxins absorbed from highly processed foods, from packaging and building materials like certain plastics, from pharmaceutical and illicit drugs, from the air we breathe and from the water we drink) and internal toxins (= “endotoxins”, which we produce in some of our systems as a result of ingestion of exotoxins or insufficiency of detoxification) and the lack of detoxification leads to a much higher production of cancerous cells in the body.

In the near future I will further expand on the connection of cancer and toxins as well as on more details of toxins, their individual sources and dangers.

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