Cancer – History

In our present times there is hardly one person in the Western World who has not been affected by cancer, be it themselves, a relative or a friend.

Cancer has been a reality since the “The Year Dot”. Humans have developed cancerous cells for centuries. All of us are producing these malignant cells on a day to day basis, somewhere between 100 and 10,000 cells daily. If we are fortunate enough that our immune system is in a strong state, and if our exposure to toxic substances remains generally low, then our immune system can easily deal with the cancerous cells before they are able to multiply to a larger extent.

Building a resolute and strong immune system is not achieved overnight. Those of us whose parents had such a good immune system, are at a distinct advantage. Their strong genes are passed on to the offspring. If the young growing children are nurtured through their childhood by a) superior nutrition and b) low exposure to toxins then these children will have a very good chance to fight off or prevent any disease – including cancer.

Conversely, if the genes of our parents have been compromised through bad nutrition or through constant exposure to toxins of various kinds, then their offspring is being set for a life plagued by disease. This is even more magnified if the parents’ bodies were subjected to both – bad nutrition and high exposure to toxins.

It is for exactly that reason that I am a strong believer in the following principle:

“The prevention of any degenerative disease in any given individual must begin at least 6 months before conception of the individual”. This can be achieved by thorough preconception health care and the concept of natural fertility“.

Let us now take a look at some historical background of nutrition and toxicity.

In the “olden” days, there was virtually no need for conscious detoxification. Pollution was low and our food was full of unadulterated nutrients, organically grown in a “clean” environment. Farmers were rotating their crops ensuring adequate supplies of minerals and vitamins. Our bodies were detoxing “automatically” through the consumption of these nutrient rich foods.

The table below depicts a brief history of our nutritional status and the influence of toxins from about 1920 to the end of the 20th century:

1920s to 1940s



Good genetic makeup Some air pollution
Adequate nutrition Minimal exposure to free radicals causing elements in the home
Diet mostly free of chemical additives Chemical production in 1940 was approximately 1 billion lbs annually
Fewer products with fewer chemical ingredients were used on our skin
Cancer rates – 1 in 80 people were reported to develop cancer (1.2% of the population)

1950s to 1970s



Genetic background good Many more chemicals and pollutants in air and water
Nutrition deteriorating due to modern farming techniques and increased use of fertilisers (NPK) and pesticides More chemical exposure in the home
Introduction of many more chemicals in food and personal care products Possibly poisoned through ignorance of the dangers of pesticides, herbicides, lead and the many other chemicals introduced after WWII
Cancer rates 1 in 30 – 3.3% of the population, almost triple than in the previous generation

1980s to 2000



Genetic strength may be compromised due to parents? chemical exposure Most soils very mineral deficient
Nutrition extremely poor, very low mineral and nutrient content Constant exposure to toxins in the home from a very early age
The body is under a constant onslaught of chemicals from products we place in our mouths or on our skin or we inhale. Over 350 chemical additives are added to our “food” Chemical production in 1988 was 600 billion lbs annually ? 600 times the volume produced some 40 years ago !!
Very processed diet  
Cancer rates 1 in 3 – now 33% of the population or 10 times the level in the 1950s

So we can see that, whilst the quality of nutrition has constantly decreased, the influence of toxins has dramatically increased. The resulting rise in cancer rates is simply staggering.

On the following pages we will more closely examine each side of the above table to see how we can

  • improve our nutrition (and therefore our immune system) and
  • reduce the exposure to toxins.

In his book Cancer – Why We Are Still Dying To Know The Truth the author Phillip Day quite correctly states: “Cancer is a metabolic deficiency disease and/or toxin related”.


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