Politics of Cancer

By Frank Riegel

At first glance the connection between health and politics appears to be somewhat strange.

However, if we are looking a bit deeper into this matter, then the connection between health and politics appears real and very strong. Numerous doctors, researchers and even scientists have highlighted this subject (in detail) over many decades.

This connection between health and politics is based on one single pillar – MONEY.

Rather than trying to re-write what has been widely published in various publications, I leave you with the opportunity to look at these links:

Dr. Matthias Rath (for one) provides a solid background about the "Business with Disease". You may access the full article here.

In his bestseller "World Without Cancer", author and researcher G. Edward Griffin exposes how corrupt politics prevent real cancer cures from reaching the public.

I have posted a summary of G. Edward Griffin's work on our site, you may access the article here .


Did you know that the month of October of every year is breast cancer awareness month?

Most women do, but few women know what really goes on behind the scenes in the highly corrupt breast cancer industry.

Mike Adams (The Health Ranger) has posted this article on his website.

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