Removing Natural Medicine Courses From Universities?

You may have read recent newspaper articles about a group called ‘Friends of Science in Medicine’, a co-founder of which is Professor John Dwyer, who are lobbying to have natural medicine courses removed from Universities, and also for health funds to be prevented from offering rebates on natural medicine therapies.  This is on the spurious grounds  that natural medicine are lacking in evidence.

The following is a statement released by ATMS to the press:

Professor Dwyer’s ignorance is on display again.

Once again, Professor Dwyer has displayed his ignorance in the field of Natural Medicine claiming that this form of Medicine is “pseudo science” in a recent article.  There is a vast amount of peer reviewed medical literature which supports the efficacy of many natural medicine therapies.

It is disturbing that an eminent professor should comment on areas of science that he is not qualified to comment on. Professor Dwyer has qualifications in medicine, however: [he] has no qualifications in the area of natural medicine and his comments should be treated with caution because of this.

If quoted correctly, Professor Dwyer has also mischievously suggested that there are entire University courses on homoeopathy, reflexology, and aromatherapy.  This is simply not correct.  To suggest that Universities are awarding degrees in ‘pseudo science’ is not only incorrect, it is denigrating to our excellent Australian universities.  There are also many things taught or practised under the name of mainstream ‘evidence based medicine’ which either have little scientific evidence behind them, or on close review have insufficient evidence.

Natural medicine enjoys 3 powerful streams of evidence:

  1. The peer reviewed scientific evidence that strongly supports areas of natural medicine, which is why so many Universities are teaching this evidence based medicine
  2. The thousands of years of use of natural medicine throughout the world
  3. The ever expanding and growing popularity of natural medicine throughout Australia today

Natural medicine seeks to treat the cause of disease in the body and uses medicines with minimal side effects, which is why Australians are using it in droves.

Sandi Rogers
Australian Traditional-Medicine Society Ltd

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