Goji berries: What you need to know about this Superfood

Originally published 02 October 2007 at   NewsTarget.com by John Cole      (NewsTarget) Goji berries, goji juice, and snack bars and other products containing goji berries have become increasing popular over the past two years or so. Part of this is because some celebrities are reportedly consuming (and raving about) them, and part is due to […]

The Healing Power of Sunlight and Vitamin D

Research on Vitamin D has been mounting over the past years and it is getting more and more interesting and (as a result) more and more revealing. This article / interview with a renowned medical doctor and author may provide some easily understandable information about this amazing vitamin. It is interesting to note that vitamin […]

Is Sugar More Addictive Than Cocaine?

  23 Aug 2007   According to a new research study, refined sugar is far more addictive than cocaine — one of the most addictive and harmful substances currently known. An astonishing 94 percent of rats who were allowed to choose mutually-exclusively between sugar water and cocaine, chose sugar. Even rats who were addicted to […]