Diet and Disease

By Edward Esko There is now an increasing volume of evidence linking the way we eat with our physical and mental health, leading to a widespread and growing interest, among both medical professionals and the public at large, in applying diet as a solution to the modern health crisis. There is no question that our […]

Cancer and the Environment

  As we have seen earlier, our toxic load has dramatically and steadily increased over the last 100 years. Within the same time frame the quality of our foods has been on the decline. These days most so called “foods” are highly processed and are available in packet form incorporating a myriad of preservatives and […]

Politics of Cancer

By Frank Riegel At first glance the connection between health and politics appears to be somewhat strange. However, if we are looking a bit deeper into this matter, then the connection between health and politics appears real and very strong. Numerous doctors, researchers and even scientists have highlighted this subject (in detail) over many decades. […]